Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Save the BBC - Avaaz' petition

After attacks by the Murdoch media empire, the BBC is considering sweeping cuts, cutting its website in half and dropping TV and radio stations.

According to a story in the Times, the proposal is a bid to "shrink" in order to "appease the BBC's rivals."

The BBC isn't perfect, but the people pushing for these cuts want to destroy it, not to improve it. Today's cuts are proposed in a "strategic review" written by John Tate -- co-author of the Conservative Party's manifesto, and now a BBC executive. If the goal is to reduce competition to corporate media outfits, this may just be the beginning.

Murdoch -- the global media magnate -- has long seen the BBC as his biggest rival, and his media outlets have assaulted the Labor government. Now, with the recession hurting profits and a UK election coming soon, he and his allies are on the attack.

The BBC is a global treasure. We need greater investment in quality and originality by the BBC, not death by a thousand cuts.

Public outcry has prevented BBC cuts before, now we can save it again! Sign the petition and pass it along -- let's get to 100,000 signatures before we deliver it to the BBC Trust later this week, so they know the UK, and the world, want the Beeb to stand strong. Sign and spread the word to everyone

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